Virtuous Woman: Clothed by strength and dignity

Does your day consist of what God is expecting? Does He care about the task or the time you spend on the task? Balancing the worries of life day to day tend to weigh us down but as we cultivate our relationship with Him, He will clothe us in the strength and dignity that only He can and one that He has designed for your life.

In today’s culture, the sincere meaning of femininity has gotten altered with labels and misconceptions. But God is not a God of confusion. That is why He illustrated His perception of what a strong woman is in the book of Proverbs, Chapter 31. “A virtuous wife who can find? For she is far more precious than jewels.” A verse that we have heard time and time again. Looking in depth, I believe many have misconceived what the term “virtuous” in this verse means.  We generally believed it to refer to women being righteous, submissive and gentle; an example of ethical principles and moral excellence. However, this is not what the word in its original context means. The definition of virtuous in Hebrew is: strength, might and power. The word most often used in the context of “war” is frequently used in the bible, and only a handful of those times “virtuous” is referred to women!

As the Bible continues to describe women, it reinstates that “Strength and dignity are her clothing” in Proverb 31:25. As a woman, what kind of strength has God placed upon your life? Does the fact that you can cook, watch the children and clean the house, all at the same time make you any less of the woman God had called you to be? No! Your strength does not come from how much you can carry out in one day, but flows out of your relationship with God. Jesus directed this same truth to a woman named Martha over two thousand years ago.

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Martha was preparing a huge dinner for Jesus. As she worked diligently all day, trying to make it as inviting as possible for Him, Miriam had not once helped her but had decided to sit down and enjoy the conversation with Jesus and the men. Jesus asked a general question and Miriam responded. Simon then said: Go to the Kitchen and let the men do the talking. Miriam responds saying: Didn’t God use Deborah, as a judge over Israel? And Esther, to save her people. Why would God give me a mind, and a desire to learn if I’m not going to make use of it? Frustrated by her sister, Martha inquired Jesus about it, but did not get the response she expected. Jesus answered her saying: “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary. Miriam has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

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Here at the Holy Land Experience, guests encounter a true immersive experience. Visit Lazarus’s House to meet him and his beloved sisters and witness the unique dynamic of this family. Come to realize that it matters not what role you fill in your family, God needs each of us to be who He created us to be and just as Jesus told Martha that she was anxious with many things, he has given us wisdom and understanding to realize we need to find some quiet time amid our busy schedules to seek Him, because we all have purpose! See God express His heart to the family of Lazarus through these inspiring people at The Holy Land Experience…Where the True Heroes Live.

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