The Scriptorium

2018-04-20 (1)

The grass withers and the flowers fail, but the word of our God endures forever.” 

Isaiah 40:8 

What would your life be like, if you did not have the Bible?  Happily we don’t have to consider that question because, today, the Word of God can be found in nearly every home and is as easily accessible as the swipe of one’s finger. But did you know, IMG_4424throughout history, this was not always the case?  The Scriptorium, at the Holy Land Experience, was opened in 2002 to tell the story of how the life-giving words of the Bible have been protected by God, cherished by mankind and carefully passed through the ages.  This museum is a factual library and research center that houses a priceless collection of artifacts from around the world, in many ancient and modern languages, spanning over 4,000 years of written history; the VanKampen Collection.   Among the most prestigious collections ever amassed, it is one of the largest assemblies of such rare items in the world, consisting of ancient scrolls, manuscripts, and early printed editions of the Bible, and it is exclusively on display at the Scriptorium.


As one is guided through the 55-minute Scriptorium tour, the collection is presented in a series of interactive rooms that tell the story of the history of the Bible, walking the viewer through time and the methods that have carefully preserved the Word of God through the millennia.  Hundreds of invaluable, authentic works are on display, in highlyScriptorium themed environments, to reveal an intriguing story of devotion on behalf of careful and courageous men and women of every ethnicity. These were willing to dedicate their time and their talent to have the Word of God.  Some, as the centuries rolled on and it was deemed punishable by death to have a Bible in the common language of the people, were even willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to translate, copy and distribute the most treasured book of all time: the Bible. Thousands were hunted down and imprisoned.  Countless lives were taken on behalf of this most noble goal… to know the God of creation, as He has revealed Himself in His Word.

The freedoms we enjoy today were inspired by these very events and the founding of our nation can be traced back to the yearning of Christians, longing for a country where they could have the Word of God and worship Him without persecution; a right which had been denied for so long.  And, yet, many do not know this story.  Come, learn and be inspired at the Scriptorium.  The Bible is now available to all mankind but, sadly, only a few take the time to connect with this extraordinary book. What are you doing with the Word of God? Take time today to investigate and appreciate all that God has allowed us to know about Himself through His Holy Scripture and all He has provided, through His grace!


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