Holy Land Experience Christmas Season is here! Now through January 13, 2018!


For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. –Isaiah 9:6

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given…” lyrically comes to life filling the air with a joyful rhythm in one of The Holy Land Experience’s biggest hits this holiday season, “Christmas Gospel Celebration.” A great way to start the day and stir your holiday spirit, celebrating the birth of our King, Jesus Christ! I wasn’t prepared for the spirit to move me to my feet as these incredible vocalists seemed sent to deliver a message tailored just for me. Surrounded by more than a thousand people, I was drawn to the front row of the Church of All Nations theater ready to receive.

After this soul satisfying twenty-five minutes of praise, I left with the realization that this was an experience no other park, within this great vacation destination, could deliver… this was only the start of my day!

Making my way back towards the Jerusalem Market, the crowd waited in anticipation to witness the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph’s, “Journey to Bethlehem”, complete with transportation of the four-legged kind. Something I would have never expected, Mary on a donkey…yes, a donkey. The Holy Land Experience now showcases live animals in their seasonal productions. This journey chronologically continues throughout the day featuring Mary’s path to becoming the mother of our Savior. End of day, we witness a beautiful processional of the Magi accompanied by their magnificent camels bearing gifts to our newborn King.

Today my purpose was to see how Christmas was presented at The Holy Land Experience but this day delivered a gift that will last a lifetime. The atmosphere was brought to life as the village was full of citizens attending to their daily lives and registering for the census.

Holy Land also features a state of the art theater showcasing a trilogy account of beautiful biblical stories amidst extraordinary LED backdrops. You get swept away by the soundtrack of the world renown dramatic presentation, “God With Us.” Peter is the author of this amazing story of Love, Courage and Hope. Performed in sequential order throughout the day, this presentation held me in anticipation wanting to come back for more.

– Redeeming Love, A live stage production that begins with the story of Peter meeting a young believer named Sara in Rome, during the height of Nero’s order to kill all of the followers of the Nazarene. Watch as Peter encourages his people with stories of God’s love and faithfulness. Featuring the stories of Ruth & Boaz and King David.

– Unwavering Courage, Peter’s story continues as he comforts Jesus’ followers in hiding with inspirational accounts of courage and calling.  Then “for such a time as this,” Queen Esther fulfills her destiny and finds favor with the King. Witness Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego’s unwavering bravery honored by the Almighty.

– Eternal Hope, Peter concludes this epic story as he and the followers of Jesus await their execution, restoring hope with the message of God’s miracles and eternal promise. Watch Jairus find Jesus through his young daughter’s faith and realize that Christ has come to conquer all fear, restore hope, and prepare an eternal place beside Him for all of us.

Bring your tissues, these powerfully written musical sensations have one goal, to glorify God, and after today I know He is truly with us. The current Christmas Season lasts through January, 13, 2018.


Written By: Wyatt Glover


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  1. DeWayne Sturgill says:

    God Bless This Gift.


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