New Year’s Reflection

A lot of changes happened for the park in 2016. We lost our owner/president, Jan Crouch, at the end of May, which was without a doubt the toughest company event the park and its employees have experienced. She was not only our boss but also our friend. The biggest question that needed to be answered was “What’s next?” For the remainder of the year, we have been working hard on just that. HLE is now ready for the new year and all that’s in store for 2017.

What’s Next

2o9a8789Most people are looking to the future this time of year. At HLE, our goal is to continue advancing forward while also bringing the ancient past with us. We are committed to creating an authentic experience for guests in which they’ll encounter life as it was when Jesus walked among us. In some ways the park is returning to its roots before the time of Trinity Broadcasting Network, offering a lively marketplace, outside atmospheric elements, and more educational opportunities. Each individual coming through the gates will be God-inspired by what he or she sees and hears. The park has also begun to host periodic nights of worship that are free to the community.

In addition to our new park sign and indoor and outdoor musicals and dramas for kids and adults, new educational tours have been added, and renovations have transformed the park into an overall more interactive experience. Several more updates and additions are in store for 2017, including shows and special events.

Come see The Holy Land Experience like never before.


Discounts are available for groups of 15 or more by calling

1-800-447-7235, option 4



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