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Meet Katie

A member of our wonderful guest services team, Katie first started working at The Holy Land Experience in March 2016. Some of her daily responsibilities include greeting guests and assisting them to help ensure their experience is as wonderful as possible, selling tickets, escorting guests into the Church of All Nations, and performing on stage. She has also served as a prayer warrior when needed.

Although Katie has been with us for only a short time, she is no stranger to the attraction atmosphere. She has an extensive background in both entertainment and hospitality that has been filled with with human interaction. She grew up traveling the U.S. with her family and singing at different venues while screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-11-12-29-ammeeting people from all walks of life. When she moved to Florida, she launched her career as a performer in dinner theaters, production companies, and theme park entertainment with Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld; she even toured with Disney Live! for a “brief” 3 1/2 years. Katie said that her choice to transition into a hospitality role at The Holy Land Experience has been great one because she loves interacting with park guests. She enjoys the opportunities she has to help people and put a smile on their faces.

Outside of The Holy Land Experience, Katie can be found doing many things she loves, such as aerial yoga, which she is certified to teach; taking her niece to theme parks; traveling and having new experiences; taking her dog to festivals; and spending time with her friends and family. She attends Mosaic Church, which is based in Winter Garden, Florida.

To learn more about Katie and her HLE experience, check out our exclusive interview with her below.

Q: What is your favorite thing you do in the park and why?

A: I love when I have the perfect schedule to where I see every guest from open to close. I love having a chance to talk to them throughout the day and seal the gap between stranger and neighbor. Also, I really like assisting guests in Holy Communion; the experience is beautiful and I love to see everyone’s reaction to it.

Q: What are the things you love most about HLE?

A: I love my coworkers. I love that we have different stories and yet treat each other the same no matter what title we hold or what part of our journey we are on with God. I also love how a person can go into The Holy Land Experience and come out a different person in faith. I have seen people be completely affected by what we all do. The funny thing is that my entire life, as I said, has been about affecting people; only now, I don’t use a stage — I use a smile and a conversation. Maybe the conversation isn’t about God himself, maybe it’s about “What is LEGNA?” Either way, it starts a habit of positive energy and acceptance, which is something the world needs. And we provide that: love, acceptance, and a clear path to learn about Jesus and the Bible. It’s been helpful even for me.

Q: Do you feel like HLE has helped mold you in any way? If so, how?

A: It has. We all have a story. I have mine — I had an amazing life filled with so many wonderful things and some not so wonderful. I struggled with my faith for a long time, and over the past couple of years, I have grown in that faith. Working for a company that embraces conversations about that is so helpful to me and my future.

Q: Do you have an HLE experience that you would like to share?

A: I had to be at the Scriptorium after turnstile duties one day. I had just let in a mother and son. She had lost her husband exactly a year prior to coming to us. Her son flew down to be with his mother just to spend this hard day with her. I offered to walk with them to the Scriptorium, which was where they were heading first. Her late husband felt strongly about visiting and bringing their son, so she was fulfilling that request as well as visiting The Holy Land Experience again herself. I talked to them all the way to the attraction and promptly let them inside. She nodded her head when I finished as I said my blessings and condolences. Throughout the day, I would see her in the shows and greet her with a smile, knowing she had shared such a personal memory with me. When they left later in the day, I got a “thank you” and a “bless you” from both of them. That interaction is just one of the many I’ve enjoyed while working. I love being a part of someone’s very important moment, no matter how big or small.

Q: If you could sum up what park guests at HLE can experience, what would that be?

A: If you allow it, change can happen. Maybe life and the world aren’t what you envisioned, but if you let The Holy Land Experience do what it’s supposed to, it will open your heart to remembering that God is everywhere; He hasn’t left you or your circumstances. Also, there are lots of really talented, smiling, and lovely people here, so you will probably experience a feeling of happiness as soon as you enter to the time you leave us.



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